A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats


            As I was going through my morning routine today this quote came to mind,  “A rising tide lifts all boats” This is so poignant and I love this analogy.  How many rising tides do you know?  My thought right now is, not many!  Oh my goodness.  How is that possible?  I wish people were more like rising tides. But you know what? I cannot control other people.  Ugh, I really wish I could and this is so frustrating. 

            I take a deep breath and think, ok well what can I control? I can control my thoughts and myself. So get back to work and be the rising tide!  Taking a look at things that are in my control right now.  I want to do the things that make me feel like I am having a great day.  So for me that looks like getting up earlier than anyone else. This way the house is quiet while I drink my coffee journal my gratitude and goals. Most days I am doing some kind of work out, I drink ½ my body weight in water and I do my best to stay away from food that make me feel like crap.  Some of my favorite foods have gone on that list lately like chocolate, peanut butter and pizza.  What is happening to me? Is this what happens after 40? My stomach and body shuts down like nope, sorry Rachel you have eaten enough of that junk for the last 40 years, party’s over! Anyway, I digress…..but setting up my days with a stable morning has really helped me to create a better days.  Even when the excuses come….I'm tired, I have a headache, I’m bloated I still do it. Ok, except that day after Christmas when I had a stomach bug. You better believe the following day when I could sit up, on my gratitude list was that I was grateful to have survived the GI bug and can sip some coke and nibble a cracker.    But you get my drift.  It has become so routine that I feel off when I skip it.  I can tell the difference and I don’t like it. 

            So maybe you don’t have the luxury of getting up earlier because of shift work or night shift or being on call, etc. etc.  That’s fine, maybe just some things down during your lunch. You can do it in your phone in your planner whatever you have around.  In your car before you head to work or head home for the day take a few minutes for yourself.  Focus on your gratitude and goals. Be your own tide and lift the boats around you.    

Ok, off to my work out, let’s go lift some boats!

I believe in you